About The Authors


Dr. Dana Myatt holds a Naturopathic Medical Degree (N.M.D.) From The National College of Naturopathic Medicine and a Baccalaureate (B.S.) in Medical Science from the University of Nevada.

Dr. Myatt served as Director of Medical Residencies at the ARE Medical Clinic in Phoenix, AZ, one of the country’s oldest holistic medical centers, where she supervised the training of doctors, nurses, and medical students in the field of holistic medicine in addition to her private medical practice. She later headed the Health Optimization Program at The Scottsdale Holistic Medical Group, providing direct patient care in Preventive and Holistic Medicine in a multi-disciplinary setting. Dr. Myatt pioneered the practice of  “telemedicine” back when colleagues said it couldn’t be done. (Telemedicine—“medicine by telephone”—is now practiced by major medical centers, hospitals and universities throughout the country). Today, Dr. Myatt’s sees patients in person around the country during her lecture and teaching tours (the “Ultimate House Call”) and provides consultation to patients and physicians worldwide via telephone, the Internet, print media and personal appearances.


Dr. Myatt lectures at medical schools, universities, medical centers and conferences around the country. She has taught at Eastern Virginia College of Medicine, Bastyr Medical College, St. Joseph’s Medical Center, St. Mary Pia’s Cancer Center, National College of Medicine, Atlantic University, the Southwest Medical College and is a featured speaker at medical and lay conferences including the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians (AANP), the Pacific NW Herbal Symposium, The SW Conference on Botanical Medicine, Gaia Research Institute’s annual symposium, Elderhostels and A.R.E. Conferences. Her popular videos, Remembering Who You Are and The Body/Mind Connection are required viewing in for medical and lay audiences.

Dr. Myatt's writing experience includes A Physician’s Diary: Cured Cases of Hope and Healing [A.R.E. Press, 1994], which was selected as a benefit for 25,000 members of the Association for Research and Enlightenment and was featured on CNBC’s Alive and Wellness. Dr. Myatt authored curricula and text, Holistic Health and Holistic Living, I & II, for Atlantic University’s Holistic Health graduate program and is a frequent contributor to lay and professional journals and textbooks. She authors The Holistic Health Handbook and HealthBeat newsletter for her nationwide patient population.

Combining a solid medical and teaching background, a nationwide patient population of “successful losers,” a history of personal overweight (“she feels your pain”), and a light and likable style, readers will find Dr. Myatt’s straight-talking “medicine” easy to understand and swallow. Where some authors are soft on the scientific facts, Myatt is straight as an arrow. Physically and emotionally, Myatt “walks the talk” of The Super Fast Diet. With an extensive public speaking and performance background, plus her frank, funny, scientifically unflappable style, the author’s super-fit “forty something” persona is living proof that The Super Fast Diet works.


Mark Ziemann RN. Collaborating with Dr. Myatt is her husband, Mark Ziemann RN. “Nurse Mark” brings a humanistic approach and a “you can do it” attitude to the team with over 20 years of nursing experience and practical patient teaching to his credit. His writing experience includes nearly 11 years as a news and editorial writer for The Trail Daily Times (B. C., Canada), often tackling subjects where other writers feared to tread.

Comfortable before audiences large and small, with a humorous, friendly speaking style, Ziemann has taught college courses, been a featured speaker for larger groups, and appeared on local television.

A former “fat guy” himself, “Nurse Mark” is well acquainted with the frustrations of trying to lose weight by following traditional diet advice. His personal journey has provided him with ample “been-there, done-that” advice to pass along to patients and audiences. His weight loss success finally came when he met Dr. Myatt and was persuaded to try her new method of girth control. He lost the excess weight, reclaimed his youthful appearance and good health, and has been a staunch advocate of The Super Fast Diet ever since.

Together, Myatt and Ziemann create an irrepressible synergy exemplifying the dietary discoveries and practices they have refined in their patients and themselves. Lean, fit, and comfortable together, they show how people can eat luxuriously, maintain a healthy weight and enjoy a vigorous and active lifestyle while following The Super Fast Diet. Their combined medical expertise, writing and research skills, public speaking and presentation abilities and fit personas make them a highly qualified team to write, teach and follow patients on The Super Fast Diet program.